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A small Indonesian Island is home to two breathtaking waves: KANDUI, the surfer’s dream, to be scored once in life and NOKANDUI, the wave that seems perfect, but is actually so dangerous no (body) can do it. Innovation is similar to surfing in many ways.
There are lots of competitors and sharks in the water, but persistence and the ability to spot opportunities will make you ride the waves of glory.

What goes for waves - you cannot tell apart the promising from the successful just by looking at it - goes for innovation.

The only way to succeed is to try out, to fail, to learn and to improve. In brief, the way of approaching challenges that is widely known as Design Thinking. We founded Kandoee with a group of friends, who met in the teaching team at the HPI School of Design Thinking. We share expertise in strategic innovation and a passion for the unknown. Other than that, our backgrounds and work experience is diverse: big data, neuroscience, economics and developmental cooperation.You unlikely would be here, if you had not already heard of us, so feel free to ‘read around’, but we recommend you try to get in contact to learn more about us and what we can improve for you.

Looking forward to your unknowns in the area of strategic innovation !

Kandoee Offers

# Design Thinking

Project coaching and wider implementation

We believe in tailored innovation processes. We’d like to get to know your specific situation and way of working to suggest where and how Design Thinking makes most sense for your company. Usually, this results either in an adjusted version of the Design Thinking Process (e.g. pick and cut phases, weigh phases differentially) or in integrating elements of the Design Thinking toolbox into existing processes (e.g. user testing with rapid prototypes, customer journeys, personas).

What we don’t do: If you want to get a glimpse of Design Thinking as a method, that’s not for us. We are pretty good at this, but we we enjoy much more working with you on your actual problems and products.

# Strategic Innovation

With a focus on customer centricity

Customer centricity is the new black. And it’s maybe our favourite focus. In all our past projects, integrating customer centricity at early stages has helped product/service development. We recommend customer centricity as a starting point to Design Thinking or iterative innovation processes generally. Some of our main tools encompass qualitative user research and testing, personas and users Journey.

What we don’t do: UX testing to fine tune. You want to work with us on concept creation or concept iteration.

# Digital Transformation

Grounded in user experience

The big buzzword. So we can neither describe it in two sentences, nor leave it out. Our take on digital transformation is quite simple: is quite simple: in order to digitize existing processes and to offer new digital services - you need to start thinking how your customers experience your offers. We believe thinking in customer experience instead of thinking in products and processes, should guide digital transformation of your company. You don’t do it for the sake of digitalization, but to make customer and employee experience smoother. The needs of your company and how much cultural change needs to be addressed along the way will dictate our choice of specific tools.

What we don’t do: IT infrastructure design. We can help you make strategic choices on digitalization, but we won’t code.

# Rapid Prototyping and User Testing

Challenging and improving new products

Companies often start their innovation process with a product or service idea. This idea is mostly in a rough concept stage, sometimes already more detailed. In these cases, the classical Design Thinking approach is less fruitful than a head-jump into rapid prototyping and user testing. We help you understand your customer’s perspective, so you can adopt your concept according to your customer needs. To make him smile and choose your offer. We held you create rapid prototypes with a focus on (digital) services, help you test them with users and extract next steps for your development process.

What we don’t do: UX testing to fine tune.

# Co-Creation Sessions

Especially in the B2B context

We recommend co-creation sessions with your stakeholders within your product chain. Workshop formats have proven as a good start to sharpen the ‘company personas’ you are working for and with and to generally develop a closer collaboration that helps shorten and sharpen innovation processes within your company. In specific cases we also recommend co-creation session with end customers.

What we don’t do: Extended co-creation with end customers. From our experience it’s rarely a good fit for your innovation process.

# Teamwork

Culture and working style

Be it interdisciplinary project teams or intercultural teams, we love helping you overcome challenges that arise of diversity. We bring in tools from organizational psychology, neuro-teamwork and Design Thinking to make your project teams work better together. Actually, we’ll focus on making them get along with each other better and enjoy more what they do.

What we don’t do: Project management of teams. While we can bring in elements of project management, we don’t focus on project management but instead on working style and team dynamics.

Kandoee Founders

At Kandoee we advocate professional polygamy and collaboration.
Depending on what skills are needed in a project, we involve the matching colleagues from our network of agencies and freelancers.

Caroline Szymanski
Social neuroscience

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Afridun Amu
Law and cooperation

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Kandoee Projects

Future scenarios and future strategy for IT infrastrucure
#FutureScenarios #InnovationStrategy #Vision

Driving Digital Transformation in the finance sector. Spreading elements of Design Thinking to make employees think in user experience rather than in products.
#DigitalTransformation #SellExperiencesNotProducts #UserJourneys

Training IT consultants in strategic innovation using Design Thinking
#StrategicInnovation #DesignThinkingTraining

User research and testing for the development of E-Health services at one of Germany’s largest hospital groups.
#QualitativeResearch #E-Health #Co-Creation

Design Sprint to develop product and services ideas around a core product
#Collaboration #TeamDynamics #DesignThinkingCoaching #IterativeInnovationProcesses

Qualitative User Testing
#EventDesign #UserTesting

Integrating Design Thinking at Avatech, one of Iran’s first startup accelerators.
#DesignThinkingTraning #Tehran #Startup

Digitalizing internal processes
#Digital Transformation #InternalProcesses #UserCentricity

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